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FoodStuff Farms upholds farming traditions, offering flavorful vegetables and free-range eggs. They emphasize dedication to taste, vitality in vegetables, and the morning ritual of golden yolk eggs.

Organic Eggs
Fresh Vegetables
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Step into the essence of countryside freshness with our locally-sourced

Fresh from the Farm: Nutritious and Delicious

Fresh Vegetables

Embrace the Bounty of Nature with us

At FoodStuff Farms, we are committed to the age-old traditions of farming, where every vegetable is a burst of home-grown flavor and every egg a homage to the free-range life. With the sun as our partner and the earth as our canvas, we craft a narrative of taste that speaks volumes of our dedication. Our vegetables are a spectrum of vitality, hand-picked for your kitchen, and our eggs are a morning ritual, a golden yolk sun rising to the opportunity of the day.

Free range chickens in springtime

Join us on this journey of culinary discovery. Taste the difference that attention to detail and care for the environment can make in every meal. From our farm to your fork, FoodStuff Farms is not just providing food; we are cultivating joy, health, and a deeper connection to the world around us.

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Our ethos is simple: pure, healthy food that honors the rhythm of the seasons and the integrity of the land. We believe in the harmony of nature and farming practices that enrich the soil, not deplete it. This is why every product from FoodStuff Farms is a thread in the vibrant tapestry of responsible agriculture.

Brown Chicken Eggs
Organic Eggs
Fresh Vegetables
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Dive into nature's finest with our meticulously cultivated produce. It is grown on a cozy 2.5-acre plot. We are a small farm in Grants Pass, OR. Click the button below to learn more about our story.

Organic Eggs
Fresh Vegetables
Organic Farm

OUr story

Welcome to our small farm located on Lower River Road, close to Lincoln Road in Grants Pass. Our mission is to provide you with premium and safe produce that we are proud to grow on our own 2.5-acre farm. We understand the importance of consuming vegetables free from harmful pesticides, which is why we have made a conscious decision to not use any pesticides in our farming practices.

To ensure the fertility and health of our soil, we have carefully blended it with compost, worm castings, and fish fertilizer. Additionally, we take extra measures to protect our crops by spraying them with EM (effective microorganisms) once a week. For bug control, we utilize a mixture of neem oil, dish soap, and coffee, which is applied twice a week during the nighttime

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At our farm, we only use premium and heirloom non-GMO seeds. Each day, our produce is handpicked fresh or harvested as per your order, guaranteeing its freshness and flavor. Our commitment to delivering delicious and nutritious produce means that you can enjoy the rich vitamins and nutrition that our fruits and vegetables offer. We genuinely hope that you enjoy our produce and become a repeat customer. Your feedback is highly valuable and plays a crucial role in helping us improve our farming practices. Thank you for your continued support. By click the support link to make purchases through Amazon, you're directly contributing to the support of our small farm

Organic Eggs
Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Corn Cobs
Raw Organic Tuscan Melon Cantaloupe

Free-Range Eggs

Enjoy the freshness and nutritional richness of our free-range eggs. Fed with wholesome grains and natural feed, they're deliciously healthy.

Assorted Produce


Experience the natural goodness of our chemical-free corn. Freshly picked and premium grade, each large ear is bursting with delicious flavor.

Healthy eating ingredients: vegetables, fruits and legumes.


Savor the taste of our mouth-watering cantaloupe, completely free from insecticides. Grown using natural methods with coffee and dish soap, our cantaloupes are chemical-free and the most delicious in town.

Organic vegetable farming

Locally - Sourced

Step into the essence of countryside freshness with our locally-sourced, free-range eggs and a vibrant selection of farm-fresh vegetables.

Quality and 100% Natural

At Foodstuff Farms, we pride ourselves on the quality and natural simplicity of our produce.

Small Farm

Nourish your family with the wholesome goodness of nature's bounty, delivered straight from our 2.5-acre family farm in Grants Pass, OR.

Free range chickens in springtime

Our Farm

2922 Lower River Road

Grants Pass, OR 97526


Our Schedule

Monday to Saturday

3:00 pm to 8:00 pm


1:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Kindly text us to check product availability before visiting our farm, as some items may not be in stock. We appreciate your support. Thank you!

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